Seed Houses

Spee-D-Flow 2.0™ Elevated Seed House

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Spee-D-Flow 2.0 Seed House Customer Reviews

Armistead Gin Company - Coushatta, LA - Ed Lester:
"We're loading seed a lot faster with the new seed house and my seed hauler loves to come to my gin. When he opens the doors, the seed comes right out."
Center Point Gin - Levelland, TX - Chris Berry:
"Our new seed house is fantastic ! Granberry’s quality, service, and followup is excellent."
Doerun Gin Co. – Doerun, GA - Tom Sumner:
"When our old seed house failed we chose to replace it with the Spee-D-Flow 2.0 because of its reputation for safety, efficiency, and reliability."
Farmers Co-op Association – Big Spring, TX - Tommy Montgomery:
"With the big doors, the seed comes out fast. The new seed house is safer and more efficient."
Farmers Gin of Humboldt - Humboldt, TN - James Wages:
"With the large two piece hydraulic doors, we can fill a trailer fast and top it off at a controlled flow rate, which allows us to load the maximum weight without going over the limit."
Gulf Coast Cooperative - Robstown, TX - Chris Yaklin:
"Of all of the equipment that we put in the gin this year, the new overhead seed house is the one thing that we didn't have any trouble with. It operated as advertised. We used to have a lot of trouble getting the seed to come out, but that problem is solved with the new seed house."
Oak Grove Gin Company - Somerville, TN - Tommy Moore:
"The new overhead seed houses work well and we're pleased with all that you have done for us."
PPF Gin & Warehouse - Lake Creek, TX - Pat Pilgrim:
"Trucks are loaded very quickly with our new overhead seed houses. Cliff Granberry Corp has done everything that they said they would do."
RGV Gin - Harlingen,TX - Bob Duncan:
"The new Granberry seed house works great. Every time the doors are opened the seed flows out freely. I like the heavy duty way that this seed house is built."
Yorkville Gin Company - Yorkville, TN - Jon Murray:
"With this new seed house I can fill a trailer in two to three minutes. The only problem that I have is training the truck driver to move forward fast enough."
Texas Star Co-op Gin - Wilson, TX - Buzz Cooper:
"We chose the new Spee-D-Flow 2.0 because Cliff Granberry Corporation has an excellent reputation and they have been building seed houses for 50 years."
Valley Gin Co. - Shreveport, LA - Charles DeMoss:
"The new seed house works great. The seed flows out really well. Our seed truckers love it."


What's Included?


The structure is totally bolted which allows for expansion or relocation.

AIR RELIEF VENTILATION SYSTEM: The air relief ventilation system, which has an 18" cupola the full length of the roof, allows the bins to be filled to capacity. The cupola also provides room for a customer installed seed auger leveling system.

Truck clearance: The standard clearance is 14’ 6” but it can be any height that the customer desires.

Structural columns - 12" X 12" x 3/8" square tubing with 1 3/4" gusseted base plate with 8 - 1 1/4" anchor bolts for each column.

Pumping Unit - 5 - GPM, 2100 PSI, 7 - 1/2 HP

Overall height - 37.5' (based on 14.5' truck clearance)

Pre-engineered erection drawings and foundation drawings

Conversion kits available for most seed house brands

Annual Maintenance Recommendations

Seed House Safety

Spee-D-Flow 2.0 Hydraulic Hose Layout and Diagram

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