Seed House Conversion Kit

Spee-D-Flow 2.0™ Hopper Conversion

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Spee-D-Flow 2.0 Hopper / Door Conversion Customer Reviews

Adams Land Company - Leachville, AR - Buddy Jones:
"The conversions make our overhead seed houses so much safer and we're loading trailers in a couple of minutes now. The man that operates our seed houses loves the hydraulic doors."
Darty Gin, Inc. - Dougherty, TX - Randy Purnell:
"The seed trucks are in and out a lot faster since we put in the hopper conversions. It's safer too."
Farmers Co-op - Amherst, TX - Guyle Roberson:
"The conversions are fantastic. We have had no seed bridging since the installation."
Farmers Co-op Gin - Carnegie, OK - Jeannie Hileman:
"The conversions have greatly reduced our seed bridging issues. The seed trucks are loaded much faster now. Our truckers love our overhead seed house".
Floydada Co-op Gin - Floydada, TX - Aaron Hendricks:
"Since we installed the hopper conversion kit, my seed flows without bridging and the doors are trouble free. My seed trucker loves them."
Heart Of Georgia Peanut & Gin - Hawkinsville, GA - Jerry Davis:
"The conversions are a god send. We haven't had one bridging problem since we installed them."
King Mesa, Inc. - Lamesa, TX - Noel Morales:
"Since we installed the conversions, our truckers have stopped complaining about our seed houses!"
McCleskey Cotton - Dawson, GA - Keith Gill:
"The hopper conversion is a big improvement. The seed flows out freely and trucks are loaded fast."
Moses Gin, Inc. - Wharton, TX - Danny Moses:
"Granberry has taken time and labor out of seed loading and has provided a safer working environment."
Owens Co-op Gin - Ralls, TX - Steve Newton:
"We are very pleased with the conversions. The seed flows out without bridging."
Sconyers Gin & Warehouse - Sycamore, GA - Rick Riley:
"The conversions work great and the seed really comes out fast."
Spade Co-op Gin - Spade, TX - Curtis Stewart:
"We tried hopper conversions on one of our seed houses. They worked so well that we put them on our second seed house too."
Tri-County Producers Co-op - Loop, TX - Randy Reid:
"The conversions are working well. We plan to add them to our other seed house next year."
Tunica Gin Company - Tunica, MS - Joe Brown:
"Our overhead seed houses are much safer now. When the hydraulic doors are opened, the seed comes right out."
Vanderbilt Farmers Co-op - Vanderbilt, TX - Chris Schustereit:
"Our truckers really like the conversions because they are in and out quickly."
Worth Gin Co - Sylvester, GA - Gilbert Haskins:
"The conversions are working great and the truckers love them."

Conversions are available for the following brand seed houses:

What's Included?

Hopper Conversion Kit (one per hopper) includes...
Hopper Conversion Doors are operated by a hydraulic pumping system. As many as six hoppers can be operated from one pumping unit as long as only one hopper door assembly is opened or closed at a time. One pumping unit can operate multiple seed houses as long as they are located in close proximity to one another.

Pumping Unit and Control includes...

Annual Maintenance Recommendations

Seed House Safety

Spee-D-Flow 2.0 Hydraulic Hose Layout and Diagram

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